Open Rhinoplasty Nose Job


Open Rhinoplasty Nose Job

Rhinoplasty is a very commonly requested and performed the cosmetic procedure. The procedure can change the appearance of the nose by changing its size. The shape of the protrusion on the face or contour of the nose correction can be done for purely cosmetic reasons or for purposes of correcting a form of birth defects that can make reading uncomfortable.

Sometimes it is combined with chin reshaping to balance the face. The shape of the nose changes until the age of about 15 years. Therefore, this operation is rarely performed in individuals under this age to understand how rhinoplasty works. One must understand the anatomy of the nose. The nose is composed of nasal bone and cartilage.

The septum is the wall of cartilage that has the nose dividing on each side lateral cartilage and a la carte images of the cusps consists of both bone and cartilage for open nose correction. An incision is made in the columellar skin which separates the nostrils, allowing the separation of the skin from the nasal structure and the adaptation of the cartilage and soft tissues. An open nose job usually takes one to two hours and is usually done under general anesthesia. The area is cleaned with an antiseptic solution and the area is usually treated with local anesthetic solution after the whole anesthetic has become effective after the area has been prepared.

A small incision made over the columella is then extended to the inside of the nostrils, allowing the surgeon to lift the skin. The underlying open nose correction gives the surgeon and his youth amazing structures, depending on the shape of the nose and the desired result. The surgeon may want to trim the a la carte images and use stitches to change the position or shape of the alar cartilages. Adjust their position. Each hump can be removed with a sharp instrument, an osteotome. Create a smoother and more elegant profile once the hump is removed. The nasal bones are weakened or broken so they can be put together.

Open Rhinoplasty Nose Job -
Open Rhinoplasty Nose Job –

This corresponds to the nose shape. The skin is replaced, and the surgeon completes the cuts with stitches that some surgeons introduce Device called a rail in the nostrils temporarily, to support the inside of the nose Adhesive tapes such as Steri-Strips will control swelling and you will normally also get a form of Have rail over the nose to provide comfort and stability. These splints are usually made. In the case of plasters, however, it can happen that complaints occur after a nose job.

Swelling and bruising, which often affects the upper side, set in after a few days and have usually lessened after seven to ten days, and you will notice the improved contour and shape of your nose at this time, although there is some swelling in humans Gin almost immediately the strenuous activity should be avoided at first rhinoplasty refines the shape size and contour of your nose the final results may not be completely visible for several months for a very long-lasting or more clearly your self-confidence Majority of people who have a nose job has no unwanted side effects and is very happy with the results.

However, it is important to know that no surgery is performed without risk. There is a low risk of infection or bleeding. The over-correction of the nose may require further surgery. For more information on choosing the questions, you should ask your surgeon during your consultation and safety.



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