Post Liposuction Weight Loss


Post Liposuction Weight Loss

We’ll talk about further after care from the Liposuction. Most patients should consider that they will see results, ongoing improving results, for anywhere from six weeks to three months after Liposuction.

This of course depends on individual situation and how they have done with maintaining their weight and, and resuming their exercise.

If properly coached, and a Patient knows that it’s best to try to maintain or even lose a few pounds after surgery, they will see much more dramatic results.

But I do encourage Patients to be optimistic, such that it may take up to three months to see their final result.

Liposuction Surgery Post Liposuction Weight Loss
Liposuction Surgery Post Liposuction Weight Loss

If after they see their final result, they do have concerns about changes that they still want to make, we are sure that the Patient is at as good a weight as possible, and if they are at as good a weight as possible, sometimes we make a decision to go back and do what’s called a “Touch Up”, or a “Minor Revision” surgery, where we go back and take a little bit more fat from an area that may need a little bit more.

This is not an uncommon procedure, and it’s something that’s done to ensure that the best result is obtained.


  1. My plastic surgeon said that because he lipo’ed my abs that I wouldn’t gain weight there. Well, that wasn’t true! Does that mean he didn’t take out as much fat as he said he did?


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