Rhinoplasty: Can it damage breathing?


Rhinoplasty: Can it damage breathing?

Every operation has potential complications and rhinoplasty is no different. The breathing problem is usually one that is solved by rhinoplasty rather than created, but yes there is a possibility that your breathing could be worse after rhinoplasty than it was before.

This may be due to complications arising and usually, this is a result of the formation of adhesions.

Now, every person who has a rhinoplasty will have a blocked nose for a week to ten days, maybe two weeks after the procedure, because simply the internal nasal passages are swollen just as the external tissues are and as a result the nose is blocked the same as if you would have in a cough or a cold or flu.

Rhinoplasty Can it damage breathing - plasticsurgerystore.com
Rhinoplasty Can it damage breathing – plasticsurgerystore.com

That will gradually resolve as the swelling dissipates and the breathing will get better, but there is always a lot of scabby crusty material, little bits of dried blood, mucus and so on inside the nose after surgery and it’s very important that that is flushed and cleansed away because if it isn’t, that can form the basis of what we call adhesions; and this is where the internal tissues are touching and become stuck together and eventually grow together as such the problem with that is that it blocks the breathing passage and the only way that that can be solved is further surgery.

So, it’s something that needs to be avoided. So, diligence in cleansing the nose after the surgery is paramount. So, these things all taken into account results in usually an improvement in the nasal passage, breathing after surgery, but if it doesn’t go well there can be problems and yes, it is a possibility.


  1. I had a rhinoplasty done when I was 21. I am sixty-four now, the procedure has improved a lot since my surgery. My surgeon drew pictures of how he planned your surgery to look when healed. He did a great job, I have never regretted having the surgery.


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