Rhinoplasty Good Candidate


We’re going to talk about rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is just a fancy word for nose job. So, why do people come in for a rhinoplasty? What are they looking for? Well, we got a pause a second or step back a little bit and distinguish the shape and appearance of a nose from the function of a nose.

The functional component may include something called a septoplasty, that division between the left and the right side. So, sometimes people are coming in for a rhinoplasty because of functional issues and they actually need something done inside the nasal passage in order to breathe better, that’s a septoplasty but it actually is very, very commonly combined with the rhinoplasty or what we would say calling septorhinoplasty because they want something done with the external appearance. What kind of concerns with the external appearance of the nose are we talking about? Well, in general my nose is too big I want too small.

What does that mean? Well, it could be the length of the nose from radix, the bottom of the nose here, to the tip; maybe they think is too long, maybe there’s a hump right here what we call the nasal dorsum, maybe if there’s an ethnic appearance that they don’t like; a big hump, maybe the nose is too wide, whether it’s the tip of the nostrils or the bones up here or too wide. Most rhinoplasties have something to do with making the nose look smaller or balance, more petite, more aesthetically pleasing and that can vary a lot from person to person.

Sometimes patients come in and don’t want to lose their ethnicity they just want it refined a little bit. So you have to be real careful with how much are we doing. Men for instance typically don’t want it done to aggressively because overdoing a nose in a guy might make it look more feminine. So there’s a judgment call right here.

Good Candidate - What You Should Know About Rhinoplasty
Good Candidate – What You Should Know About Rhinoplasty

Nonetheless they still might think that it is too big, want it smaller. Well, why else might somebody come in for a rhinoplasty? Well, because it’s crooked. It deviates, maybe your broken nose a couple times growing up playing sports, maybe someone hit it and it got a little crooked, maybe it just was crooked because that’s the way you were born or you don’t recall ever breaking it.

We’re trying to get symmetry, the left on the right side to match. So, we’re shifting things back to the middle so it looks more even. Again all of these things are sometimes combined with a septoplasty to help with the function of breathing because that septum pushes way into one side of the other side causing obstruction and breathing. So those are the primary reasons why someone comes in seeking a rhinoplasty or a septorhinoplasty. Function and appearance. If you want to know if you’re good candidate come on in and talk with us.


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