Rhinoplasty: How long is recovery?


Rhinoplasty: How long is recovery?

Rhinoplasty recovery is an involved process. It is certainly something that patients need to consider carefully before embarking on this sort of surgery.

The initial recovery is whilst you have the plaster cast on your nose and often some stitches related to the type of approach that is used and the cast and the stitches stay with the individual for a week and then they are removed in the clinic. At that stage, the nose is not how it’s going to be long term.

There may be a small amount of residual bruising which will continue to settle. In my opinion, it usually takes about two weeks for the patient to feel comfortable that they can return to work following this sort of surgery.

It doesn’t mean that the nose is normal in that stage, because it will not be and the patients will be aware of persistent swelling particularly on the bridge of the nose, particularly around the tip for certainly six to eight weeks after the operation. And at that stage, they will be beginning to feel more comfortable about how the nose looks, but it is written and often discussed that the nose will take up to a year to settle completely and it is I think absolutely true that that is the case.

Rhinoplasty How long is recovery
Rhinoplasty How long is recovery

For normal sensation, normal feeling, the normal suppleness in the tissues and all of the residual swelling and scarring to have settled, will take a year and so it should be emphasised that rhinoplasty is a real process.

It’s not just an operation that happens and then two weeks later you’re fine. It is this evolution that occurs over up to a year before patients can feel that they have had their final result.


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