Rhinoplasty Recovery The Right Way


Rhinoplasty Recovery The Right Way

After the surgery, I’m very, very paranoid for my rhinoplasty patients because I know that what I’ve done in terms of the structure is very delicate. All of the things have been put together with precision are held together with what we call 6-0 nylon, or 5-0 Surgipro, which are hair thin sutures.

The structure that I’ve created underneath the skin is not resilient to trauma. So they’ve gotta be very careful. I virtually tell patients not to touch their nose for the first two weeks. Within the first two weeks, you are at risk of that structure being disrupted. Again, your child jumping up and hugging you bumps head on nose could end up in disaster. Sports, I had one patient, I’ll never forget.

Who went sea-dooing the week after her surgery, did a header off of her sea-doo, the rest is history. So that sort of thing is the thing I warn patients about within the first two weeks. From week two to week four, things are a little more resilient because wounds have healed, but there’s no strength yet.

It really takes six weeks for bones to heal, for cartilage to fuse or to be encased in enough scar that it’s not gonna move around. So, really, the first six weeks I want patients to be extra, extra cautious. No contact sports. First two weeks no working out other than walking, treadmill walking is fine. Nothing that’s going to make you grimace, grit your teeth. Raise your blood pressure too much because that increases your swelling which slows down your healing.

Rhinoplasty Recovery The Right Way
Rhinoplasty Recovery The Right Way

We want the swelling to come down as quickly as possible. That’s really a six-week period of, of caution and precaution. From week two to four, light exercising is fine. Once again, I want you to avoid grimacing, anything that’s going to potentially move things. Soft diet for the first two weeks so that you’re not chewing, you’re moving your nose around.

Two to four weeks, gradually increase your diet back to normal. So you’ve gone through all of this process, and you’ve gone through surgery, and you’ve taken time off of work and school. And you’ve paid money for all of this. And you’ve worked hard for that money, I’m working hard in the operating room for you. It’s six weeks that could make the difference between realizing that final result and being disappointed. So, a six week period is important period.


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