Rhinoplasty Recovery – What to Expect


What can expect after rhinoplasty surgery?” and “what can I expect during recovery after rhinoplasty?” For my patients I do use a thermoplastic splint or cast, along the bridge of the nose after surgery. Patients will also have sutures along the bottom along the columella where I made an incision to open the nose.

There may or may not be bruising around the eyes and underneath eyes depending upon the need for narrowing the nasal bones or having to fracture the bones to bring them in after surgery. Many patients are pleasantly surprised by the level of pain after surgery, and it may be more discomfort than it is pain for the majority of patients. One annoying thing that patients may find after surgery is that it may not be as easy to breathe through the nose during the first week because even though I don’t use nasal packing inside the nose I do use silastic splints which stay in place inside the nose for a week after surgery.

These thin silicone sheets help compress and limit the swelling inside the nose. During the first week after surgery the routine is very simple and it’s the same every single day. My office provides a detailed list of medications which includes antibiotics and a medrol dose pack or steroid dose pack also to limit and reduce swelling. I also advise patients to use arnica which will also help to reduce swelling and bruising after surgery.

The routine for the first week after surgery goes something like this: three times a day patients will use Sinurinse to irrigate and keep the inside of the nose clean and moist and to ensure that there is no excess crusting and everything inside the nose heals properly.

Rhinoplasty Recovery - What to Expect
Rhinoplasty Recovery – What to Expect

For incisions outside the nose peroxide is mixed with distilled water and used to clean along the incision line and to make sure that those incsions heal properly After those steps all the incisions are covered with antibody ointment and kept moist, and that same routine is carried on for the entire week after surgery.

One week after rhinoplasty the cast and sutures all come out and your new nose is revealed So those are the basics of the main things to be expected after rhinoplasty surgery. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me or my office and I look forward to speaking to you soon.


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