Rhinoplasty Surgery And Why It’s A Gratifying Pursuit


Rhinoplasty Surgery And Why It’s A Gratifying Pursuit

Rhinoplasty is, I would have to say, my favorite operation. I do a lot of rhinoplasties. I do them for cosmetic reasons, I do them for reconstructive reasons. It’s a fascinating and challenging operation.

I was gonna say pursuit, maybe I should say pursuit. Because it is a pursuit. In plastic surgery, it is my feeling, it is one of the, if not the most complex operations. And the reason is, it’s an operation of millimeters.

The changes are measured in millimeters and I actually measure changes when I do preoperative planning. A bump on the top of the nose.

Which to you, as a patient, may seem like it’s a foot high. It’s probably only three or four milimeters high. And that three or four milimeters can make all the difference between what a nose that suits your face, or a nose that draws attention away from the rest of your face and captures peoples’ eye which is what we don’t want.

Rhinoplasty Surgery And Why It's A Gratifying Pursuit
Rhinoplasty Surgery And Why It’s A Gratifying Pursuit

Our goal in rhinoplasty is to harmonize, if I can use that term, the nose with the rest of the face. A nose that suits the face, not the nose that draws attention to it. Part of that is having a natural result. Because if you have rhinoplasty that looks unnatural, a nose that’s perfectly straight, and doesn’t have any form to it, any contour, that’s gonna catch peoples’ eye. You don’t want that.

You want it to be harmonious. You want everything to blend in. So that’s the challenge in rhinoplasty. But it’s a good challenge. Because if the surgeon takes the time and uses precision to the best of his ability, or her ability, then it’s an incredibly rewarding pursuit.

Because it’s so technically challenging and when patients are happy, you know the work you’ve put into it. They appreciate the work that you’ve put into it. So it’s really very gratifying.


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