Rhinoplasty Technology To Show Post Op Results


We’ve talked about aesthetics and function and how it’s done and different techniques. We talked about recovery but a huge question for many, many people, it may be is the biggest question for most people is, what’s my nose going to look like? How can I anticipate what my nose is going to look like? I’m scared to death because I don’t know and it’s my nose in his front and center and they can’t cover it with a piece of clothing.

I can’t comb my hair over. So, it has to be perfect and I would agree with you it has to be perfect. So how are we gonna know what to look for or what to anticipate? We have this great technology here at The Center called Vectra Imaging. Vectra is a three-dimensional imaging program. We can take a picture of your face, actually six cameras at once take pictures from all different angles.

The computer puts it all together. So, literally on the computer screen we can rotate your head, look top and bottom, left and right, up and down. We can also manipulate your image. So this is really, really fun to do and it really, really can help patients understand what aesthetics are, what we’re talking about when we see tip elevation or tip refinement or dorsal resection.

We can show you all those things on the computer screen. We can actually manipulate the image to show you likely what your final outcome would be and then we have the ability to show you before and after pictures right next to each other and rotate left and right, and up and down, and look at your nose from all different angles.

Rhinoplasty Technology To Show Post Op Results
Rhinoplasty Technology To Show Post Op Results

The other fun thing that we could do is I can actually overlap your images so you have a superimposed image of the corrected nose verses where we’re starting from your preoperative appearance.

That’s really, really fun to do. So if you’re at all interested in rhinoplasty but want to have a better idea of what you would look like, not just somebody on a website a before and after picture because that’s not your face. Come on in. Let’s take a picture of your face we’ll manipulate it. We’ll look and see if you’re a good candidate for rhinoplasty. If this is something you might want to consider. Come on in we’d love to see you.


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