Rhinoplasty – What You Need to Know from


Rhinoplasty – What You Need to Know from

People are looking for nose surgery, either because they want their nose to look better, or because they want to breathe better, and sometimes both. Therefore, there is no specific age that is best for rhinoplasty. Many patients get it when they are young because they have something they have. Www.nphinternational.org/ml/news/ar….php?lang=de We want the children to survive their childhood and wait until they are 15-17 years old before we allow them a nose job.

But we can do it at almost any age. Often you will tell people that rhinoplasty is the right one The most complicated procedure and plastic surgery and this view exist because the three-dimensional anatomy subtlety of the detail the fact that we also treat a functional organ that makes you very, very complex If you need to breathe after that I know that I remember a mentor after completing a certified double board education for nine years, which shows that it takes you seven years to master 70% of the nose jobs, and you knew it’s 15 years later for me, now in practice, and I think that’s about right. The complexity is quite significant.

The good news is that we now have techniques that represent the contemporary approach to rhinoplasty that you know I would call it a structured approach really means that much of the risk has been downgraded. We have a much more predictable process, now we can consistently get really good results, and we’ve essentially eliminated all concerns about the creation and a natural outcome, and that’s why I’m relying on those years of experience to make sure we’re in any case try to achieve a result that really makes people happy. After a nose job, it is very important that the nose fits the person’s face that you know fits harmoniously into the other facial skin.

That’s why we attach great importance to this being the case with computers Using Imaging That Is Both Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Computer imaging systems allow us to perform surgery almost before the actual procedure, and this is just one of several ways in which we make sure that the proportions of the nose are the same Surgery best matches those of my face Patients are quite surprised that they do not have so much pain after a nose job, and I think that is partly because people hear these horror stories from you decades ago about how it was difficult for her mother or father to undergo a nose job or someone she did not In most cases, the recovery phase is not particularly difficult.

Our patients take a week off work or school, after which they can truly resume and work without any other people noticing that surgery has been performed. After about a week, most patients today have no visible bruising with the modern techniques we use at first it’s about a week ago – and for most of our patients, they believe that they really look better than before surgery, within the first few weeks they know, or anything like that Most of our patients are aware that Rhino resins take a long time to heal.

Rhinoplasty - plasticsurgerystore.com
Rhinoplasty – plasticsurgerystore.com

So if you look on the internet for it takes a year and a year and a half to heal that this is very accurate and what that really means is that there is a bit of swelling that continues in that little bit of swelling. Restoration of the soft tissues takes at least a year to heal in other procedures, except for the rhinoplasty of the fine details that occur over a year or a year so that the last bit of the spine is not so important, but in rhinoplasty it is very subtle and details make the difference between a pretty good result and a great result.

One of the things that makes rhinoplasty unique is that it is the marriage of form and function and for many patients, their breathing is very important. You know that I often have conversations with my patients who want a smaller, finer nose But they want more breathing inside and you start to think that this is a certain contradiction. We want the outer sides to be smaller and the inner sides larger.

For most patients, however, there are answers. And this requires a truly detailed understanding of the circumstances Not only the anatomy and the aesthetics of the outside of the nose, but also the functioning of the breathing. So there are a number of ways in which you know that I assume that every patient undergoing nose surgery needs to be careful to stay intact we can not make it worse it must be so good or be better than before and then we need to develop a strategy for patients who want to be at least partially operated because they want to breathe better, which improves their breathing during the same time makes the nose more attractive and in most cases there are real opportunities, like us can do this. We have a group that has a certified Double Board to learn this unique background of Otorhinolaryngology.

The Neck and Face Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery really provide the best level of safety that rhinoplasty from a person with unique and concentrated expertise in our group. It’s also expertise and experience that has been developed over many years. I’ve been here for 15 years, focusing on rhinoplasty. My colleagues have been here for many years. Each of us teaches and researches specifically for rhinoplasty lectures around the world for this procedure and it is an area for which we have a great passion


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