Seattle Facelift Traditional vs Mini Lift


Seattle Facelift Traditional vs Mini Lift, There’s traditional facelifts and mini lifts. Mini lifts tries to get the idea of drive through, drive in, drive out, minimal things, get you lifted and look better in a quick period of time.

With that comes the downside of yes, there’s not a lot of downtime, but then there’s also not a lot of longevity to the procedure.

Usually those are skin-based where a little excision of some skin, tighten the skin, and maybe some sutures that tend to try to pull up or purse string or elevate that tissue.

Rather than a formal lift and reposition of the underlying muscles, some sutures are used to try to anchor those. Some can do very well and some may not do so well, or may not last as long.

Seattle Facelift Traditional vs Mini Lift
Seattle Facelift Traditional vs Mini Lift

Those are the benefits or risks that you have to talk about prior to the individual type of procedure that would benefit the individual and what they’re looking for at their certain time frame in their presentation.


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