Secret face lift – 10 Years Younger


Secret face lift – 10 Years Younger

I have something really exciting to show that I have a brilliant cheat tip for you that makes you feel 10 years younger. No, 20 years now 30 years younger. That’s something we use at Oscars.

I’m not going to tell you which celebrity I did it on, but I did it on somewhat you need is a tail comb, and we’ll start cutting the hair Cut in the Temples and then call me. I just take a pretty big clip and a section that’s just a bit twisted so it does not get in the way and you can forget it, but the clip over the page. It is saved. Forget it is so directly above the cheekbone. And watch out for the eyebrows.

We’ll make a small square section just as you take the hairline and give it a little pull how amazing is that absolutely brilliant I tell you, I’ll go to so much trouble sharing this wi What I’m doing now is that i just take it in and twist and twist and twist to keep the suspense up a bit, if you do this at home you may have to pull something first forward and then just backward because there is something harder to pull it back, or make a friend make it to a friend.

Then you can not understand why you look so fabulous for that special occasion or party you go and then just take a little one tiny ponytail rubber, just a fine thin or none at all, and know that you’ll have it last in your hair and then you just pull it back and then with a Kirby grip With a regular grip, we will only secure the strand of hair on the back of the hair and then point upwards to go the wrong way and push the other in the other direction.

Secret face lift 10 Years Younger -
Secret face lift 10 Years Younger –

Pull the handle upwards and pull the hair upwards it is completely hidden and you have the moment you have it Helen does not have to look 10 years younger, of course, but the great thing about the trick is that you feel refreshed and rejuvenated for a great evening. There are many more tips that we have. Sure, you subscribe to us regularly and let us know what happened to you. I would like to know how you felt during your social event


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