Self Massage Facelift in Minutes! Beauty Hacks


Self Massage Facelift in Minutes! Beauty Hacks

This is my firm and lift morning routine. Anytime my skin is feeling a little bit fatigued, maybe I’ve pushed myself too hard the day before. I like to use this as my morning fitness routine for my skin. So every single day I start my day with some sort of facial rejuvenation exercises and I recommend that you do the same.

So today we’re gonna do the firm and lift. I like to start by adding some…you can use a moisturizer here. My skin is a little bit dry overnight so I’ve got my brightening vitamin C citrus bergamont moisturizer day cream. So I’m gonna start and I’ll use quite a bit of it right like I’m never shy to really add the nutrition into my skin along with the exercises that I’m gonna do. So in order to firm and lift the skin we’re gonna start right around the eyebrows and do long sweeping motions.

So we’re gonna go in right here and then we’re going to push gently going out to the sides of our eyebrows. I would love for you to do it around the eyes both ways and don’t be shy to also push on your actual eyebrows they love…the hair follicles actually really love the stimulation and this process you’re going to do for an entire minute and I like to use my cream as I’m doing it.

It’s helping to firm and increase the production of collagen as you’re gently stimulating these areas as well as the elastin. The next step to lift and increase the production of our beauty proteins is starting right here between your eyebrows and you’re gonna go down and along your nose. So you’re gonna be gently pressing along your nose and then you’re going to follow along your cheek bones. So this type of gentle massage and you can go in circular motions. I like to press so it’s almost like I’m doing acupressure points. You’re releasing the lymph and all of these actions are improving, as I mentioned, your natural production of collagen and elastin so collagen and elastin are two of your beauty proteins. What you’re doing is you’re helping yourself work with your own skin’s fitness.

Self Massage Facelift in Minutes! Beauty Hacks
Self Massage Facelift in Minutes! Beauty Hacks

You’re gonna use the same technique under your chin so you’re releasing under the chin, all the way up to your lip, and then along your jaw line. I don’t know about you but I have suffered for many years with TMJ and so releasing the tension that I hold in my jaw is a great part of this technique. And it really allows us to firm, detox, release, improve the production of our natural beauty proteins, all in just three simple minutes. The next step is, gently, you can do this with pressure points, you can do this with a sweeping motion. I need a little bit more of my moisturizer. You know, the skin in our neck is so incredibly different than that of a face, doesn’t have the ability to detox as effectively as our face does. Which is why we have to take extra-special gentle care of our neck and stimulating the lymph and the lymph nodes is a really important part of this. So we’re lifting and toning.

I like to end my morning routine with five deep breaths. This is going to help to relax all the muscles in the face and also eliminate some of that stagnant air that may have accumulated while you were sleeping, while improving your circulation. So I start in through my diaphragm and I push it out and I breathe in. And then I breathe in through my nose and again pushing out my diaphragm and that gives me that improved circulation and as I’m pushing out that air I’m thinking about relaxing all of the muscles in my face my jaw and just giving me that sense of well-being to begin my day.


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