Smart Tummy Tuck with 360 degree liposuction and Houston


Smart Tummy Tuck with 360 degree liposuction and Houston

A kind of Brazilian butt-lifting is performed simultaneously with a Smart Tummy Tuck. Yes, I do it all the time. I do not want to show you an example of a patient undergoing a tummy tuck and Brazilian buttocks. Now everything is fine, all together. This is an example of a patient in which I performed a tummy tuck simultaneously with her Brazilian butt lift. Can you imagine what that is before I can? Over here is her picture from earlier This is her picture about five months after surgery.

I put her bikini bottom up a bit to show everyone how beautiful the scar is. If she wants, she can wear a nice little bikini butt to cover the scar that goes from here to here. Again, I made a big difference in the way her belly looks. She has a very, very nice little navel, which is extremely important to make sure the results of your Smart Tummy Tuck look fantastic.

Let’s go over here to come here Here’s our belly All this surplus Once again with the aggressive liposuction Tummy tuck Belly button repositioning and tightening the muscles with 360 degree liposuction with Power Assist, which means that I’ve gone all the way to our back and it’ll show you that in a second here, there, we’re going and that’s what her back started with is how her back looks like, what her back looks like here better off, her bra off, let’s take a look there, you go, that’s her buttocks.

That’s her buttocks over here, you can see, even though she has pretty good volume here, there’s definitely more volume out here and the muscle height is increased by adding fat all over the buttocks, but also on the seat out here and also on the upper poles The buttocks, there with it has a great, plump, round skin and a nice, narrow waistline from the liposuction, so you can see all of this here.

Smart Tummy Tuck -
Smart Tummy Tuck –

This is her tattoo for reference. A tattoo here, all the fat here is e Basically it was removed and the waist was completely pulled in so that she got a fantastic result, she is absolutely thrilled, and so I am that this is a nice four-month result. All the fat she had here is permanent, for which she will have that fat as long as she is essentially alive and as long as she maintains her weight, she will get the fantastic looking result she has in her stomach and buttocks For the rest of their lives, these before and after pictures survive here because I think it’s a great way to showcase some of these fantastic results, see you next time, see you soon


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