The BOTOX Brow Lift explained


The BOTOX Brow Lift explained

Hey, there it is Dominique who is well educated in medicine. I will teach you the different types of tanning. One of the biggest requests I get is: Oh, I feel like my eyebrows are sinking, they look heavy. I need some We know Botox is a muscle relaxant and you loosen it up.

The bigger the loose, the more buoyancy you get. I start when we have the 11th muscle between the eyebrows that causes the muscles or the corrugated cardboard when you relax this powerful depressor, which gives you the most boost because it’s the most powerful depressor that gives you the most lift So I start with that first, and if it’s not enough, we can add one of the following. In three other ways, the muscles are smaller, but they work and I like them. One is a medial brow lift.

One is the lateral brow lift. Once a depressor is in the forehead, the medial brow lift is directly above the student and you can do it directly over the belt or directly into the forehead and that will only bring a bit of buoyancy directly over the pupil and not like crazy bad botox look, only a subtle buoyancy the other is actually A part of the ocular muscle lifts when we lift the eye. The other part lifts when you contract your eyebrows.

The BOTOX Brow Lift explained -
The BOTOX Brow Lift explained –

There is a muscle that pushes down here. You can make him lift a little bit, it just depends on how much brow lifting people need, how many lifts we need to make the first one we do when we make your corrugated board, that is a standard starting dose of 20 units, the others are much smaller, which I will use anywhere from three to ten units, so we just add them according to the areas we want to lift. It gives a nice result.

I’m a big fan of the side eyebrow lift, so the tail of the eyebrow looks a bit like a Gullwing. Please let me know if you have any further questions



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