The Effects of Blepharoplasty Surgery


The Effects of Blepharoplasty Surgery, You’ll notice that over here under the right lower eyelashes and near the bridge of the nose, fine wrinkles are forming. There is a little bit of fullness right under the lower eyelashes.

The orbicularis muscle is kind of hypertrophied. When the patient smiles, this muscle bulges out. We have resected the extra muscle here so that her eyelid will be flatter. The same thing is occurring under the left eye.

First, I make a triangular incision at the outer corner of the right eye. . Performing these procedures, stresses the importance of paying attention in your seventh grade geometry class.

You must be accurate when cutting all of the different angles and triangles in the eye area. Accuracy will help when putting the pieces of the puzzle, in this case, the patient?s face back together.

The Effects of Blepharoplasty Surgery
The Effects of Blepharoplasty Surgery


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