The Non-Surgical Nose Job Procedure


The Non-Surgical Nose Job Procedure

Hopefully, it’s not too bad. Nothing’s worse than a bikini wax. I’ve always considered going to get a Non-Surgical Nose job because we are Middle Eastern and of course some of the Middle Eastern noses are like long and slender. It’s just kind of scary that you have to go through surgery and recovery and downtime. It’s really expensive. I also can’t imagine going out in public with bandages on my face.

The Non-Surgical Nose aspect of this is really appealing. Just a quick few injections and then you’re done. I’m just a little nervous, but I’m excited. The critical thing about this procedure, it’s gonna be still your nose, So it’s not gonna make your nose different. Nobody is going to know that you’ve had anything done. A little bit of numbing cream on. The needle that we use, it’s really tiny. Good, because you know I’m a little scared. Do you know? Voluma is hyaluronic acid, it’s in your body already. So it’s totally safe. It’s a reversible filler.

It’s not like, oh well, you know, you’re stuck with it. Once you inject it, does it plump up right away? Ya – you see it right away. What are the risks? It’s really pretty minimal. Maybe a little bruising. Maybe a little bit redness on the tip. Those big bruises and like the black eye kind of thing, that’s not gonna happen. Good. A little stick here and you’ll see that this is no big deal.

The Non Surgical Nose Job Procedure -
The Non Surgical Nose Job Procedure –

How’s that? Barely feel it. Right? Ya. Because I’m using such a tiny needle and such a tiny syringe, I can be super precise. Alright here. Take a look. Are you sure you’re ready? Yup! Okay! Oh my gosh! Now take a look at the profile. Ya! Wow! See what I mean? Ya, that looks awesome! It looks so good! It does. It looks straight and natural and it’s still you. And it’s got that nice bridge though too. Ya. That’s what you want. Oh my goodness! Wow! It’s nice. It’s really subtle but it’s nice! It is! That’s awesome – I love it! Who am I? This is amazing! I can’t believe how drastic the results are after looking in the mirror.

I’m really excited. I feel amazing. The results are very subtle but I feel like a totally new person. I still feel like myself. I don’t think anybody will really notice it. I didn’t think that you know, it was gonna be a huge difference but boy, I think this is just amazing. I’ll definitely miss this when it’s gone so I’m gonna have to go back and probably get it done again. I’m excited to see if anyone even notices or just says I look better.


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