This Underarm Liposuction Costs $10,000


This Underarm Liposuction Costs $10,000

My arms make me really insecure. I hate wearing short sleeve shirts. I try to not wear any dresses that are too top like because I hate the way my arms look. I try to always have some sort of sleeve so my arms aren’t fully exposed. Now that I’m getting older It’s harder to work out that exact area.

So, I’m really excited to have this procedure done and be more comfortable in my own clothes. My name is Daniela and I’m getting my arms lipo’ed today. I’m doing this now at 27, I just feel like I’m at the right age I’m not too young, not too old. I’m just at the perfect time in my life where I can have this done and be great.

I come from a Hispanic background so I feel like we are a little bit heavier. My mom has always had big arms. My aunts do too so it’s like a thing. So I’m scared to get older and continue to have these arms. My name is Spero Theodorou I’m a plastic surgeon and I’ve been in practice for more than 15 years specializing in aesthetic plastic surgery. Anything involving radiofrequency assisted liposuction Especially Body Tight is essentially scarless surgery. A scarless arm lift.

What is Body Tight? It’s new technology now, radio assisted underarm liposuction body tight we are able to suck all the fat out that’s necessary to give her a nice result, in addition, tighten up all the skin with it. We do use tiny little incisions to access everything so the approach is a minimally invasive approach. Specifically, it’s done under local anesthesia that way the patient’s awake while we do these things. So Daniela is a good candidate because no matter how much weight she loses her arms are always going to be fuller and she not able to remove the fat from her arms under exercise. Also, in addition, the loose skin she has.

Even if I do diet and exercise I mean if I do a really hardcore diet my arms will be a little flabby it’s hard to exercise on that part specifically cause it takes a longer time. It’s just harder now that I’m older to have my arms more toned. I find your deltoid muscle and I take all the fat away from it and I sculpt it for you So we are not just doing this part we’re doing the whole arm. I hope to feel better about myself. Be able to wear anything I’d like. Feel comfortable in my clothes and specifically in the summer to just be able to wear anything I’d like without feeling insecure. This is different than anything that’s been done before So essentially I’m heating everything up. This is sort of my internal seam on my jacket.

This Underarm Liposuction Costs -
This Underarm Liposuction Costs –

I’m going to put all my heart here and create scar tissue. So everything that is white-hot there means that all this heat going in is really going to end up tightening the skin. The important thing is that she’s awake. She talking to me. There’s nothing safer than that. And at the same time, she’s having her arms done. I just came out of surgery. I feel great I really didn’t have much pain. After the anesthesia, my arms went numb. They’re asleep but I’m not in pain at all. I can lift my arms up and I feel normal. I can tell the difference now and they’re a little swollen but you can definitely see the difference. I’m excited to see the end results in a couple of months. It’s been six weeks since my underarm liposuction.

I feel great and confident. The people that I see the most, like my family have definitely noticed the change in my arms Like the definition and just how much they shrunk. The day after the surgery I thought I was going to be a lot more pain than I was but it wasn’t that bad, just lifting my arms up It wasn’t anything drastic that I couldn’t handle. It was a little numb for a couple of days after that But after the stitches came out I was totally fine and didn’t have a worry. How’ve you been?

Good! I feel great. How do you feel? All good? Mhm. Still numb? Yeah, it’s a little tingly. Why don’t you flex for me? Well, it’s only going to get better. At this point, this is exactly what you should look like. Okay. I’m excited for the summertime to be wearing bathing suits and showing off my arms. Before I used to feel not so confident but now I’m excited and I feel great. I don’t have any regrets at all. I would totally do it again on a different body part if I could. I totally recommend this surgery for women who have self-esteem issues. It makes you feel really confident about your body.


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