Top Reasons for a Facelift Surgery


Top Reasons for a Facelift Surgery, Well beside aesthetic reasons uh some other reasons patients might get a facelift…

I’ve seen is related to facial paralysis, some injury to the face where they have asymmetry. And say if you have an injury where you damaged a nerve and one side of the face is drooping where the other is not, you can do a facelift in order to help make the face more symmetric.

That would be probably the most common reason why someone who is not looking purely for a cosmetic reason to come see you uh is because they have an injury or they’ve had a tumor resected where the nerve might have been damaged or some trauma of some sort and they have some asymmetries that might be corrected by supporting those muscles and uh pulling the skin a little bit.

Top Reasons for a Facelift Surgery
Top Reasons for a Facelift Surgery


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