Tummy Tuck 2019 – Abdominoplasty Treatment


Tummy Tuck 2019 – Abdominoplasty Treatment

I started wearing my saree as a weapon rather hiding myself behind that. I (had) become diabetic, I (had) become hypertensive. Simple activities like going for evening walk or climbing the stairs started becoming difficult for me. And I met with Dr. Jayanthy and discussed issues which because my obesity which was going from obesity to morbidly obese.. at the verge of being morbidly obese.

So Dr. Jayanthy suggested me about Abdominoplasty. Lots of questions were raised, 1. Why Abdominoplasty? Another thing, why at this age? Anyways I won the battle, my psychological and mental barrier I crossed. I convinced my relatives, my children including my husband who was supposed to be very very supportive throughout my journey.. and I underwent Abdominoplasty at last.

Tummy Tuck 2019 - Abdominoplasty Treatment
Tummy Tuck 2019 – Abdominoplasty Treatment

That has changed my life altogether. You cannot imagine, its almost like transforming yourself from a caterpillar to a butterfly. I got my confidence back, I got my grace back. I’ve become more swift which motivated me to do more exercise. I do regular exercises now, I’m off all the medication.

They actually changed my life altogether. I look at my life in a completely different, very refreshed manner. Everyday is new for me rather it is a celebration for me. I could wear anything I want, I can go anywhere I want. This is, I feel, for everybody who feels there is something wrong with them which can be corrected.

Please go ahead! Take your own initiative and see lot of people come along with your way. Make (a) small correction and it transforms your world. Come out of your regular circle and regular constrained environment, try to change your life with minimal correction. There is nothing wrong (in) looking good, feeling good about it. Which will make you more confident, (and) the moment the woman is more confident, (it) transforms your home (and) it transforms the whole society. Thank you Dr. Jayanthy and Tamira and the whole team. I wish you all the best to continue the same work please for many many years. Thank you very much!


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