Tummy Tuck or Liposuction: Which Is Most Effective?


Tummy Tuck or Liposuction: Which Is Most Effective?

People come in and want something done right with their belly. You do not know exactly what it is. Sometimes they know what to tell me. A friend had a tummy tuck. They have three children. Your weight is stable. Finished with your children, you know, they want to tell me, because these chickens are loose, the muscles are loose. We have to prepare the whole thing, they know it right and sometimes people come in and they are the other end of the spectrum, there are 25 years old, they had no kids they could have. Children are not sure if they want to leave their options open and their skin is still pretty tense. The muscles are tense and they know that they do not need a tummy tuck.

I think they are liposuction, it may not be liposuction. You are a candidate for a sculpture that is a non-invasive way to get rid of fat. It’s not as strong as a liposuction and it’s not so effective that it only accounts for maybe 20% of the fat. It’s still a really nice alternative, because it’s no surgery for certain people properly, but it gives the whole gray Group in the middle, which is a bit loose, it is a bit fat, it is the muscles a bit loose. How do you know, how do you know what to do? A difficult task, and that requires experience.

The surgeon needs to listen very carefully to know what fits in that person’s life, because a tummy tuck is a very effective operation, but she recovers, she has a scar, she has an unrivaled ability to shape the abdomen really great, now that there are options for tummy tucks. But let’s take a minute and talk about the combination of liposuction and tummy tuck. Okay, you can do both safely, because that is actually something like something we do talking about in plastic surgery is somewhat controversial in my eyes it is not controversial the answer is yes you can and how do I know that because I’ve done it for you, know that there are a few things for 20 years. You need to know if you are doing liposuction, mainly on the abdomen, at the same time as a tummy tuck.

Tummy Tuck or Liposuction - plasticsurgerystore.com
Tummy Tuck or Liposuction – plasticsurgerystore.com

This is all described by a guy named Ted Lockwood, who in the mid-1980s talked about undermining the valve intermittently, meaning instead of opening the entire abdominal wall so you can tone and leave much of the muscles intact and you let the perforating blood vessels and tactics apply to the skin, it makes it a very sturdy flap and you can do a tummy tuck this way and liposuction at the same time and this combination is really wonderful, it allows you, if you do not that one beautiful i-beam can not model it, you just can not make it and then you are with something less than satisfied and you know it’s a trick to find a way to do more than finish it safely and that is what we’ve been doing here for 20 years I mean, we’re doing 300 tummy tucks a year here, which in my opinion is 6 times the national average for cosmetic surgeons, this is an extraordinary number, and you know that we have really fabulous results they see, they are not our best.

In percent, they are the only representative of what we can do. It is very important that you are examined in one way or another to distinguish which type of candidate you want liposuction for, but if I examine you, you could really be a tummy tuck and conversely, you are so optimistic that you live in the area where you are. We look at each other.

Here are the criteria for Tummy Tuck that you need to have in order to do what you really should do with your kids Is this done? Are your muscles loose? Is your skin loose? You have a stable weight and do not mind if you have a scar? After all, you probably have a few weeks to get out of your life during the first week of doing well the second week, which you know you normally drive and move, but you still know it a real operation. The easier you make it, the better you will do it I think in this second week one day Mother’s Day or GH or on the thirteenth day you will get everything back and you may be tired, so I say to the people just try a little free usually two weeks, if you go to work, if you do not go. If you do not meet these criteria, you are not sure that you are not done with your children.

Your skin is not loose. Your muscles are not stretched. You do not have time to recover and you do not want scar right if you meet these criteria then you are really in the Liposuction candidate category and then you come in and we have a Ninth Conversation exam for you and make sure you know that the skin is taut enough to contract after liposuction because it is not possible. Come out irregularly and that is something that you are exchanging for another problem and the little voice in your head that says that I have my stomach do not like.

I do not want to go to the beach. It’s just that it is exchanged for another voice says I do not like my stomach, I do not want to go to the beach, it’s not that it’s a First, it’s easy-going, but now it’s your regulars, and that We do not like it either. If you do not care about the right thing, you just want to look good in the clothes, and you do not care what your belly looks like, what opens up. If you enjoyed this video and you want to share it with a friend, you can Keep up to date with the latest developments in cosmetic surgery.


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