Upper Blepharoplasty Eyelid Lift Patient Testimonial


Upper Blepharoplasty Eyelid Lift Patient Testimonial

I think I first thought about plastic surgery before I even contemplated using it but I see before and after results. There was a show on television called Extreme Makeover I think and I was pretty stunned by the results.

I think it’s probably in my mid-40s when I started getting some of those deeper lines, a little bit more of a sagging of the eyelids and I thought you know what kind of tired but I’m not tired and so that was the thing that got me because I wanted my inside to match my outside and I thought you know what was investigated a little bit and I had the opportunity to interview Dr. Mende.. and sort of quiz him for a while without him necessarily knowing why I was quizzing him but I learned a lot about it and thought I’m going to check out more. You know I arrived at the office and I first of felt very informed from beginning to end and I sat down with Mark told me a little about everything that was available and what might work best for me.

What was really important to me was that I really wanted to feel like someone was being frank with me. You know you ask your friends “I look so old” or your sisters and nobody’s really frank with you everyone wants to be gentle. It wasn’t that Mark was to frank but he said yeah I can see the eyes are where it would make the biggest impact and so it was great to have him talk to me about what I could expect, what was involved in having the procedure done.

We talked a little bit double recovery, I would say that recovery turned out to be just thing that I had most questions about because of my busy schedule so it was nice to get a lot of information and what to expect and what my options were and what was out there. I talked to my family, I didn’t say much to friends initially.

Upper Blepharoplasty - Eyelid Lift Patient Testimonial
Upper Blepharoplasty – Eyelid Lift Patient Testimonial

I thought if I wasn’t going to do this for sure, it’s a fine line. My friends all know, my listeners all know however I don’t repeat it all the time but I did say it on the air. I said this is what I had done and I guess I did it a little bit because people do want to know. Plastic surgery is available to us as are all of the nonsurgical things that are available to us, why wouldn’t we take advantage of them. I almost said we as women but I think we as people, why aren’t we taking advantage of them. I’ve always worn makeup, I’m always had my hair colored, have always done these things that I can do to enhance my appearance. Slowly but surely I did tell my friends. Before they were saying you’re crazy, afterwards it’s funny people haven’t said a lot I will tell you.

Strangers said more to me than my friends. I put out a cook book five or six years ago and I have people coming up to me when I sign it and saying “you look at a younger sister of that girl” so is that they see more of a difference more than my friends do which is actually something very important to bring up. I didn’t want to look like somebody different. I just wanted to look refreshed and Dr. Mendelsohn really stressed that with me. I’m not turning into someone people won’t recognize, people are just going to think did you get some rest, did you have a vacation and that’s the kind of reaction I’m getting from people. As a person I do media spokespersoning for several brands, I do a lot of videos and interviews, I do a lot of public appearances and speaking and for that I felt like I wanted to, I do my best as I can in my career, as a mother, as a wife.

I’ve always been trying to put their best foot forward. I guess I looked at having my eyes done the same way. I wanted to really work to keep myself looking great and make my presentations look polished and professional and I think taking care of yourself speaks very much to you are as a person and how much value you place on yourself. I think that the more careful and considerate care we take of ourselves, the more people respect that. I feel like I’m been a role model to my daughter that aging is something to be embraced with vitality and enthusiasm and it doesn’t mean you’re going downhill. I definitely considered what I do for a living when I decided to do the eye lift and I have not been sorry.

I have been so pleased when I see videos and photographs and it feels great. I tried to walk every day if I can. Let’s be honest my schedule is so busy that everyday turns into four or five days a week and I do in light lifting, I do you yoga not just from my body but for my mind and definitely I eat healthy. I don’t always eat healthy because I’m in food and so when I’m creating some fabulous desserts the last thing I’m going to do is say “No thanks” but everything in moderation so I definitely tried to move my body, keep my mind alert and active and definitely feed myself well. I also think that is very important to have a lot of little treats not just food treats but time treats and experience treats I think that’s really important. Upper Blepharoplasty Eyelid Lift

I think you should go for it. I think this is something you can layer on it’s not like you have to go all the way first. I might have a facelift in the future who knows but I think go for it because the time that we spend looking in the mirror, complaining to ourselves about some portion of her face for our body is wasted time. Do something about it either appreciated and stop complaining about it to yourself or act on it. I’m so glad I did it, I’m so glad I took the jump over the fear of doing it, what people might think or what the outcome might be. I am so glad I did it and I would encourage people if it feels like it’s something you need to do trust your gut, trust your instinct and act on it.

I initially thought that recovery time was going to be like the next day and boy oh boy when I came home and saw myself I said it probably won’t quite be like next day and I will say after surgery you are a little shocked. I sent the snap of myself to my son I texted him a picture of me and I said destroy this after you see but recovery does take a little while and I think if you relax and give into that, that’s the thing to do, plan your schedule around it because I tried to keep my normal schedule pretty much but after having the eyes done that was a little difficult to do. I would say that I felt comfortable going out in public not speaking or on camera but going to the grocery store or whatever. Upper Blepharoplasty Eyelid Lift

It was probably a week. I felt like I look swollen for several weeks but I will tell you I tried it to jump the recovery time and went and did yoga and down dogs are not good after eye surgery. Don’t do that! I tried to rush it a little bit and I think I had an expectation that I could just jump right back into my busy schedule. Having said that there is a positive in everything you do, it was really great to have a little bit of downtime, a little bit of recovery time where I could be quite and just mend and heal. There is some recovery time and you’ve got to take that into account and I think to myself that’s why people do is over a vacation are over a holiday so that you have got some time back you can potentially be down but that is a definite part of it.


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