What is a Non Surgical Facelift?


What is a Non Surgical Facelift? The FaceLift is our flagship treatment and its really a way of making people look younger and fresher or sometimes more beautiful but in a way that makes them look entirely natural so we’re very aware at SV that people want natural and usually above anything else so we don’t want to change the portions of the face in a way that makes it clear that you’ve had some other procedure done and the FaceLift is all about achieving that goal so to understand the concept behind the FaceLift we need to understand a little bit about how our brains perceive faces so we’ve all done it you’ve all done it watching this video right now made an instant assessment of roughly how old I am and it won’t be a surprise to you to know I’m not 22 and it won’t be a surprise to know that I’m not 55 now our brains have done that in a split second it’s almost instant,

It’s more of a feeling than it is a process of looking and making a decision you just know it and and knowing that we can use that to make a little adjustments in lots of places that just change that overall feeling so the idea is that instead of changing something to the point where people say oh gosh you’ve had this treated or that treated they just see the overall picture and it’s a little bit like those days where you maybe put makeup on perfectly or just your hair’s great there’s just something good about the overall picture that people notice but they don’t notice anything that’s specifically changed and that’s the important concept behind the FaceLift is that you look so natural but somehow better and that no one can tell that anything is different but they just know that is different looks different the FaceLift is really for anyone who wants to look a bit younger or fresher is often the word people use but they really don’t want to look altered or unnatural in any way.

We generally start thinking along the lines of doing a holistic rejuvenation or a FaceLiftaround mid thirties often late thirties in particular and and then it goes all the way up to people in their seventies and eighties and the key thing is that each FaceLift is bespoke so it’s not the same procedure when you 35 as when you’re 70 obviously and it’s altered to specifically solve the issues at different age groups.

The FaceLift is really done with a combination of treatments and we use our premium range of dermal fillers so it’s very long lasting and and we assess the face over about half an hour we’ll normally sit with you and talk you through the options and explain side effects and risks and and then there are up to around 40 points on the face that we can adjust at different amounts with different people and we do that with a combination of Botulinum toxins or ‘Botox’ but also with dermal fillers there are a range of five different dermal fillers that we use in different parts of the face and and piecing it all together you get an overall holistic rejuvenation and just looks and feels natural the procedure itself could take up to 90 minutes and we normally have a good long time talking with you and explaining things through so you’ve got a chance to answer questions so if we build that into the procedure it’s a little bit longer but most people tend to have a consultation first agree and understand the concepts before they then have a procedure in a few days or a few weeks later the VivaLift can be instead of some surgical procedures and it doesn’t place all surgical procedures obviously but it does a significant degree of lifting and it can give the appearance of tightening the skin as well.

What is a Non Surgical Facelift
What is a Non Surgical Facelift

It obviously is fantastic at replacing lost volume and a lot of these things might have been done surgically but they’re done much more quickly and easily and much safer with an injectable procedure which is how we tend to do it the FaceLift so yes it is a replacement for a facelift for some people, our doctors will guide you when you book in for your consultation and advise you whether a surgical procedure might be better for whatever your specific needs are, or if there’s something they can do with the injectable side recovery is quite quick and it’s even better these days as we’re using cannulas for most of our procedures so we have an instrument that you can use that basically isn’t a needle so it doesn’t cause as much trauma and that means recovery is much quicker so most people can pretty much carry on with normal life the same day.

You may have a bruise, bruises and normally last a week 10 days and if you’re unlucky they could last a month but that’s quite rare and increasingly more so the better we get with using cannulas in more more parts of the face which is our and big area of developments here the procedure itself the results will last we say to expect around a year to 18 months, in practice there are certain people who would get much longer I know that one of the early procedures I did it’s now been.

I think I saw that person about three years later and we looked at her before pictures and they were still better than they were than she was before she had the procedure so for her she was getting benefit for three years and she was in her 70’s it can last a very long time we say expect it to last about a year to 18 months I think the best thing if you’re considering this procedure but you’re not sure if it’s the right thing for you is to have a consultation without planning a treatment and but to see one of our doctors so they can assess your face talk you through the options and and you can decide with the information they give you whether you like to go ahead at some future date since every treatment is slightly different I think of consultation is very important for this procedure


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