What is blepharoplasty surgery?


What is blepharoplasty surgery?

Blepharoplasty is a type of eyelid surgery that can help to improve the function and appearance of the eyelids by making certain changes to the skin’s fat.

Muscular scars or surgical scars are usually hidden in the upper eyelid’s blepharoplasty. Excessive skin is removed through an opening in the natural eyelid crease.

Depending on the purpose of the operation, the surgeon may dissect muscle and remove or reposition fat to repair the lower eyelid.

What is blepharoplasty surgery - plasticsurgerystore.com
What is blepharoplasty surgery – plasticsurgerystore.com

The surgeon often makes an opening just below the lower eyelash line that the surgeon can perform Remove excess skin and reposition or remove excess fat through this incision. Sometimes the incision in the lower eyelid is made to remove or redistribute fat. Then the eyelid incisions are closed with stitches or surgical glue.


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