What Is Facelift Surgery?


What Is Facelift Surgery? A facelift is a procedure that we do to help women and men look younger… look more refreshed and the way it’s done is uh quite simple. I start with an incision, that starts at the sideburn but then goes in front of the ear behind the ear and along the hairline. And what I like to do is modify my facelifts based on what the patient needs.

For instance if the neck is the part that’s worst part or the most problematic portion… of the neck, you can just limit it to a neck lift. Where the incision starts in front of the ear and goes behind and down to the neck.

Then the skin is undermined, the tissues are then tightened by putting sutures underneath the skin to tighten the muscles. I love to take care and not to pull the face…straight back.

That gives you windblown look that I hate. I prefer to do a pull that is more natural, it’s more up and back. It’s suspending the tissues up and back to give a more natural look.

What Is Facelift Surgery
What Is Facelift Surgery

I think it’s problematic when some doctors do facelifts and they have them looking unnatural because you don’t look like yourself.

I pride myself on having patients look like themselves, they look…just like a fresher version.


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