What is Liposuction?


Perhaps the most commonly performed Procedure in plastic surgery these days is liposuction, so what is liposuction? Let’s go backwards a little bit. When we’re born, We have a certain number of fat cells in our body.

In adolescence that number will increase But then basically after puberty the number of fat cells you have doesn’t get bigger or smaller, it stays the same So the question is well, “‘If I gain weight or lose weight, then how does that work?” If there’s still the same number of cells? Well those cells are just storage devices for the fat, so those cells get bigger or smaller, but the number doesn’t change.

We take advantage of that when we do liposuction If you have a certain number of fat cells in an area, let’s say your tummy, And I go in and I liposuction that, and I remove those cells. They’re no longer there to store the fat.

I take those fat cells it out When you resume your normal weight those fat cells aren’t there To increase in size anymore the fat cells that are left if you gained a little weight might increase But we’ve reduced the number by saying eighty ninety percent of the fat cells So when there’s liposuction, CoolSculpting, kybella; any of those treatments are all designed to kill those fat cells Liposuction does it by surgery we make a little nip we go in and we actually remove the fat CoolSculpting does it by freezing the fat, and those cells don’t do well with that freezing environment, and they eventually die And get absorbed by the body and kybella does it with the chemical that we inject most commonly for the chin And that destroys those fat cells and they get absorbed by the body All of those things are designed to kill those fat cells In a controlled fashion so that they’re no longer there to store fat.

What is Liposuction
What is Liposuction

Once that fat-once those fat cells are gone-the fat can’t be stored And the contour change is relatively permanent. If you gain weight you will see Increase in that area, but it won’t be the same way that would have been if you hadn’t done the removal of fat cells.


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