What is the recovery like after a tummy tuck?


What is the recovery like after a tummy tuck?

When thinking about a tummy tuck, one of the things that most people worry about is the recovery and the pain. Let me explain, the operation takes about two hours, it’s performed under general anesthetic, and usually involves a one-night stay.

Patients go home with dissolvable stitches and dressing and are asked to wear a garment for about six weeks. I also like my patients to have manual lymphatic drainage, which is a special type of massage for a few weeks after the procedure.

The initial first few days are a little uncomfortable and we give you strong painkillers for this. Patients are advised to use four or five pillows at night and may find it difficult to stand upright.

What is the recovery like after a tummy tuck? – plasticsurgerystore.com

But usually, after a week, most patients are relatively mobile and within two weeks are usually back at work and beginning some gentle exercises. The full recovery takes about six weeks and the swelling as a result of the surgery can take several months to settle down.

I think it’s helpful to say that most patients who have had a tummy tuck under my care will not be using any painkillers after four or five days which gives you an idea of how quick the recovery can be.



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