Will Liposuction Give Me Loose Skin?


Will Liposuction Give Me Loose Skin?

Welcome back to another segment of asking Dr. The Schulman Board-certified plastic surgeon here in New York City will focus on liposuction. Often, people are asked if I get liposuction so that my skin dissolves.

This is a tricky topic to understand the complexity You really need to understand what liposuction can and does not do, as you probably know that liposuction is the surgical removal of fat that we perform through a special suction device so we can actually do that Fat cells under you suck out skin and this makes you thinner and thinner and can shape your body so liposuction is what liposuction can not. So if you are someone who comes in and you have excess fat, but no extra skin, then you are a perfect candidate.

In liposuction we can talk about this procedure, and you will probably get a great result, but when you come in and one If you have sagging skin, you may have lost a lot of weight or have had multiple pregnancies and you have skin rolls that you can grab and pull and stretch, which makes you a bad candidate for liposuction since liposuction does not address the skin you are using So the actual question here is if you are a good candidate for liposuction, but you want to know what will happen to your skin after you’ve heard that this can cause that your skin becomes flaccid or the liposuction loosens up to remove the fat and then it’s your body which has to tighten the skin over it. So, if you’re younger or healthier or have good skin quality, your skin will look good after liposuction and after that.

This tightening is a gradual process and it may take up to a year for the final results and final tightening to be displayed, In general, if you are a little older and you are tired of liposuction, you are probably getting along well. The skin has lost its collagen or elastin, so you know you are a bit relaxed at first. You could be a bad candidate for liposuction because we are moving.

Will Liposuction Give Me Loose Skin - plasticsurgerystore.com
Will Liposuction Give Me Loose Skin – plasticsurgerystore.com

The fat can cause your skin to hang a bit more, or if you stretch marks, which unfortunately are very common and very difficult to eradicate, are an indication that your skin has been damaged and has cracks on the inside. This is the case if your skin has stretch marks, which means that after liposuction, it probably will not be as firm as another’s skin, so you may be warned that you will get a little loose skin after liposuction, and then the other Group of people who can do poorly after liposuction are people who start to lose weight when they think they are fat but not really fat. So if you are a good candidate for liposuction, your skin should be really good and you should not have problems with loose hanging skin afterward.

The people who have this problem with their skin after that are usually people who were initially bad candidates for liposuction. To answer this question, liposuction will make my skin more relaxed Probably not, as long as liposuction is the right procedure for you.

This is another reason why it is important to really talk to your licensed plastic surgeon and make sure that liposuction is the right procedure for you and you do not need a skin removal procedure that will hopefully clarify things for you if you like this video. tell me that you like it and write below the comment and follow the remaining videos in our question dr. Schulman Series We answer a lot of questions from you and hope you find it instructive. So check it out and talk to you nicely.


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